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Entry #1

The First of Many!

2007-08-14 05:46:02 by VerticalDonkey

Well hey!

I'm Vertical Donkey, and I have spent a lot of time here at NG, but since a few days ago decided to make an account!


Now the celebration party is done and forgotten, I will now promote my two KILLZER songs (or z0n6z) that have spammed up the audio portal. Don't worry, it won't be too hard to read through my promotion!

*Promotes songs*

Wow. That was hard eh? Was it? WAS IT??

Right. Anyway, my first, Funk it to Yer Moose (I was never known for my title making - Just Kidding! I am!) is a sweet Bluesy/Funky piece of MOOSic (pun intended).

Then there is Autumn Has It's End, My Friend. This tune is another jazzy zong, with a pretty good chorus.

Now, in the sake of modesty (in which I have tonnes of) I will say no more but "Please Listen to them and rate them and tell me what you think of em. Get me some cola on the way too. Thanks"



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2007-08-14 11:08:02

w0rd nigl0r